“A beautifully wrought work for fans of literary fiction and coming-of-age novels” – Library Journal

“A poignant, beautifully-crafted literary novel that touched me so deeply.” – Huffington Post

“[A] charming, heart-squeezing novel… a lovely meditation on young friendship and the harsh realities of growing up.” – Book Riot

“George renders small-town life artfully, with charm and humor, and a large dollop of quirkiness.” – National Book Review

“An eloquent meditation on loss and the necessary action of letting go.” – Booklist

“George is masterly in his rendition of Maine landscapes and the emotional swings of adolescence.” – Publishers Weekly

“One of the best books I’ll read all year.” – Beth Fish Reads

“SETTING FREE THE KITES finds a way into our hearts without pushing and prodding. Instead, we feel like we are just walking into the lives of people who are happy to share what it’s really like to be human. It’s lovely. And that is high praise indeed.” – Book Reporter

“A beautifully told, nostalgic tale about friendship.” – Portland Press Herald



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“Alex George’s brilliant new novel explores a life-changing boyhood friendship in the ’70s, the way first love can whack you out of balance. … Funny, devastating and so human and humane, this novel is filled with characters so alive and complex that I ached to continue on in their lives.”

—Caroline Leavitt, author of Cruel Beautiful World

“Can it be that John Irving’s heir is a British import, writing in the Midwest? Setting Free the Kites is as American as Garp, as heartbreaking as Owen Meany, and as hilarious as Hotel New Hampshire. Alex George proves himself a master storyteller, and with a magic all his own.”
—Lydia Netzer, author of Shine Shine Shine

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