This is the post I have dreamed about writing every day for the past five years.

I am pleased and proud (and staggered) to report that I have sold the worldwide rights to THE SONGS OF OUR FATHERS to Amy Einhorn, publisher of Amy Einhorn Books, an imprint of Penguin/Putnam.  Amy has always been our number one choice of publisher for the book in the States, and it’s difficult for me to express how excited I am at the prospect of being published by her (and I call myself a writer.)

There is much work still to be done, of course.  First of all, I anticipate several months of rewriting as we work to make the book the best it can be.  Once that’s done, it will probably be at least another year before the hardback edition appears.  So don’t hold your breath just yet.

It has been an exciting few days as my agents Bruce (in London) and Emma (in New York) have bashed out the details of the deal.  I am grateful beyond words to them both.  I also want to thank all of my friends who have given me such wonderful support and encouragement while I’ve been working on the book.  You know who you are.  I just hope you’ll forgive me for announcing the news here.

Now I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting to work on the text – again.

More news soon.  I have discovered that typing is difficult when you are forever pinching yourself.

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  2. Oh, my–let’s meet somewhere in TN tonight to celebrate!
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!


  3. And this seems so fitting: “The overarching tenet of Amy Einhorn Books is intelligent writing with a strong narrative, always with great storytelling at its core.”


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