Blast from the Past


Ah, the irony.

The above picture was sent to me this morning by a friend of ours who lives in our old neighborhood of Islington in London.  This is the front table of Border’s bookstore, which was a regular haunt of ours when we lived there.  The store, I understand from book trade sources (thanks, Ralph), is about to close.  Sad news.

Still, every cloud, and all that.  Because look!  There – only seven years after it was published! – is my third novel, Love You Madly, finally where it belongs on the front table of a major chain.  And available at a staggering discount!  Incredible!!

I can let you in on a secret.  Every one of those books has my signature in it.  I did a reading at the shop (plus a little jazz) when the book was published back in 2002, and at the time I signed their entire inventory.  And that, dear friends, is why the book is in pride of place now.  Since I signed the books, the bookshop can’t return them to the publisher.

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  1. Hi. I have just read Love you Madly having selected it from my local library.
    I was disappointed with the ending and felt that you could have written a second book using Anna and Matt say in five years when the obvious love they have for each other is found and rekindled. You see I am a romantic and love a happy ending. They could have overcome their differences. Think about it. There is a story still outstanding.

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