Blast from the Past

I received this in my inbox this morning. Hard to believe that the offending book was published ten years ago now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think maybe she had a point.

Hi Alex

This is the first time I have ever been inspired to seek out an authors email address to comment on their work but here goes.

I understand fully the need for modern humour to be sharp and verging on irreverent at all times. Personally I am a fan of sarcasm despite it being the lowest form so I have no room to talk about what other people deem amusing.


I started your book which opening lines were concerning a wee in the toilet which was ironic considering I was reading it while sitting on the throne myself. However when I got to the stuff about the cat I stopped smirking and started hurting. By page 9 line 20 ‘only a cat after all’ I had seen enough.

Sorry to be boring but I have to say there is too much cruelty against animals especially cats who have suffered greatly at the hands of humans over the centuries. Just as I would not want to read a humorous portrayal of child abuse or starvation or any other act of cruelty, violence or abuse of humans or animals I really struggle to laugh about a cat laying in a pool of blood after your hero had bashed it’s head in then proceeds to kick it into it’s grave and dance a victory jig on it.

I am sure however the book and others by yourself are wonderfully amusing – but for me I can read no further.



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