I hope you’ll forgive a just little bit of trumpet-blowing.  Can I use the cover of the book as an excuse?


Since I put up this blog post about my lovely galleys a couple of days ago, several people have written to ask me what is written half way down the page, between my name and the cornet full of notes – the words are too small to read from the photograph.

It is the blurb of all blurbs, is what.

It’s from Sara Gruen, superstar author of the gajillion-selling WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (now, as they say, a major motion picture) and more recently APE HOUSE.  Here is what the lovely Sara said (and yes, I am blushing somewhat as I type this):

This lush, epic tale of one family’s journey from immigrant to Good Americans had me alternately laughing and crying, but always riveted.  It’s a rich, rare treat of a book, and Alex George is a first-rate talent.”

Still. Pinching. Self.

(And thank you, Sara.)

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  1. What a wonderful blurb! No kidding about the pinching; I’d be black and blue! Huge congratulations 🙂

  2. Wow! I’d be pinching and blushing, and gushing… Congratulations, Alex. This is great news and definitely worth trumpeting.

  3. Post

    Thank you, Julia and Melissa! You’re both very kind.

  4. When I saw the post about the galleys arriving, I wondered what was written between your name and the graphic. I figured it was a blurb, but can only imagine what it it must be like to have somebody who handles past times in American history so well to recognize that in A GOOD AMERICAN and all the other stuff that makes a good book great. Congratulations!

  5. That is fantastic, Alex! I think horn tooting is completely justified. 🙂 Can’t wait to read it.

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