(Book) Love in the Time of Coronavirus


This is a re-post of a blog I recently wrote on my bookshop’s website. Stay safe, everyone.

There’s a joke going around right now that the “social isolation” required by the spreading COVID-19 virus is every reader’s dream come true. Whether for solace, entertainment, or education, books and reading feel more important than ever right now. And, of course, if you’re reading a book it’s difficult to touch your face.

So: Skylark Bookshop is open, and we plan to stay open, until we’re told otherwise. We are also getting really good at cleaning stuff. Counters, computer keyboards, door handles, books – much of our days right now is spent wiping things down.

We realize, though, that some people may feel anxious about going out, even for ultra-necessary items like books. That’s why we’ve come up with a few things to help you out:


1.              If you already know what book you want…

If you already know what you need, email us at mail@skylarkbookshop.com with your titles, address, & phone number. We will pluck your book off the shelves with freshly washed hands, give you a ring to settle up. If it is not on our shelves, give us a few extra days and we will take care of it.

2.              If you don’t…

Email us a photo of your bookshelf or stack of favorite books, or just tell is what you’re in the mood for, and we’ll call or write back with some recommendations for great reads based on what we see. Choose what sounds good and we’ll get everything packed up and on their way to you!

Either way, please email us at mail@skylarkbookshop.com. Please don’t call – help us keep our phoneline open!


When we speak with you about your order, we’ll ask you to choose one of the following delivery options:

1.              Free Home Delivery

If you live within Columbia city limits, we will deliver books to your door at no extra charge. We will do our best to deliver the same day if you place your order before noon. To qualify for this service, you must be over 55 years old or have an immunocompromised household member (honor system!) and the overall value of the order must be over thirty bucks.

2.              Mail

We will mail books anywhere in the country, prettily gift-wrapped and tied up in string. We will mail orders over $100 free of charge. For the time being we’ll knock two dollars off the mailing charge for all other orders.

3.              Curbside Pick-Up

If you pre-pay over the phone, we’ll walk out to your car and deliver your books to you. It’s kind of like a drive-through, with less calories.


If you want to completely avoid contact, you can always download a good audiobook: use Libro.fm!

We could all use a good book stack right now. Let us make yours enticing, distracting, and wonderfully local. And please, wash your hands, people.

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