People have been looking at me slightly funny all day.

I’ve had many polite enquiries about my health.  When I got to soccer this evening, the manager of the facility looked at me in astonishment.  “You’re playing?” he said, eyebrows raised.  “After – you know.”  He made a discreet snipping gesture with his fingers.  OK, not that discreet actually, but that’s Chris Viers for you.

So, with apologies, I should explain: V-Day, the subject of my last post, took place over a year ago.  It’s taken me all this time to marshall my thoughts and summon up the courage to write about it.  I am fully recovered – hence my usual gazelle-like performance on the soccer field tonight.  So please don’t worry about me.  What’s done is done.  I’ve even gone and done the follow-up tests to check the operation was a success.  Don’t worry, though.  I’m not going to blog about that.

And yes, I am reliably informed that those are seedless grapes in the photograph.

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