Temperatures in mid-Missouri over the past few days have been low.  When you take the wind-chill into account, we’re talking 20 degrees below – and I’m talking Fahrenheit.  Nippy.  There’s lots of lovely snow on the ground and the children spend lots of time looking mournfully out of the window and wondering when they’ll be allowed out to play in it.  The fact is, it’s so damn cold that it’s actually dangerous to be outside for very long at all.  So we have had to limit snow-related pleasures to brief bouts of activity.  All Catherine really wants to do is sit down and eat snow – maybe we’re not feeding her enough – but Hallam, as usual, is a hive of industry, throwing himself (sometimes literally) into everything.

Check out my fetching green overalls.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is how cold it is.





PS:  Someone wrote to me last week and asked me to go out and make a snow angle for him.

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  1. I made a cute snow angle yesterday.

  2. I’ve made many snow angles during my life and quite enjoy the activity!

  3. Hey! I was outside today, hiking in the snowy woods for 2.5 hours! But of course the temp was up to the mid 20s. I’ve been waiting a long time for this turn in the weather. It took several layers of silk and wool to stay warm, but I had a lot of fun looking at animal tracks…the usual deer and squirrel tracks and some very special ones I’ve never seen before – tiny snow angels on the surface of a frozen pond. I’m sure they were made by birds. My camera was out of memory but I took a Flip video. Hopefully it will turn out good. It’s good to see those rosy cheeks in your photos.

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