Costco Buyer’s Pick!

More exciting news, on the eve of paperback publication…

I’m thrilled to announce that Costco have selected A GOOD AMERICAN as their book choice for February.  This is wonderful, amazing news.  I was interviewed for the company’s magazine, Costco Connection, that is sent to every Costco member – apparently that would be, um, about EIGHT MILLION PEOPLE.  (Thankfully they only told me this at the end of the interview.)   Here is the link to the piece.

Also in the same edition of the magazine there was a fun piece about book clubs who incorporate food and cooking into their events, which features various recipes inspired by the food in A GOOD AMERICAN.  Many of the book clubs that I’ve visited this year have really pushed the gastronomic boat out and put on fabulous spreads involving food from both New Orleans and Germany.  I’m hoping that’s a tradition that will continue!

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