Covers and Blurbs

Very interesting piece up at The Awl about the trials and tribulations of novelists when it comes to the choice and design of their book covers, and the sometimes painful process of asking other writers for blurbs.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are deep in that process right now, and so far, fingers crossed, touching wood, etc., etc., things seem to be going smoothly enough.  Everyone I have cringingly approached has responded with simply wonderful generosity and grace.  The one blurb for the novel that has actually landed on my publisher’s desk so far is utterly extraordinary.  I’m blushing just thinking about it.  Does it help that it’s from a New York Times bestselling author?  Um, yeah.

I have been speaking with my publisher about possible covers for A GOOD AMERICAN, and am looking forward to seeing what the Art Department (I’m assuming there is an Art Department, and not just some guy called “Art”, which is how Amy refers to them) come up with.  My friend Eleanor wrote a very funny post about her own experience with the cover for THE WEIRD SISTERS, which you can read here.

So, all good stuff.  I’ll keep posting news as and when.

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