Done. (Well done.)

It’s over.

I realized last night that my last meaty meal would have been on the previous Tuesday evening, so technically my little experiment could end earlier than I had originally anticipated.  Therefore, after a tomato, pesto and cheese sandwich for lunch (with hummus on the side) yesterday evening I ate some bacon.  Interestingly, although I enjoyed it very much, there wasn’t the blind carnivorous craving that I had anticipated.  As I contemplate lunch today, I’m no longer thinking about the bloodiest, meatiest dish imaginable.  (Although I’m not making any promises that I’m going to have a salad, either.)

As for the future, it will be interesting to see what happens now.  After a week of going without meat, I at least know it can be done, and I am in hopes that henceforth I will be more able to choose the meatless option more frequently.  Just as importantly, when I do need meat, I want to do my best to ensure that it’s locally grown and properly reared.

To celebrate the end of my meat-free week, here’s the funniest You Tube video I’ve seen in ages.  Thanks to my friend Joel for sharing.  I still giggle every time I watch it.

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  1. Hazzah! Your local Extension office, which is very near where you live, should be able to let you know where you can find locally grown meats. You can find someone to raise a cow for you and you can share in the expense of it. You will need a freezer, but you can score some family farm raised beef (we use to do that with our in-laws). If you do it, a bit of advice; do not name the animal.

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