Fantastic Day? (With Apologies to Haircut 100)

The day of your novel’s paperback launch is a strange one, if only because it’s so very ordinary. Today I fed my children breakfast and drove them to school. I had my weekly game of squash. I went to the office and did lawyerly stuff.

The only sign that something was a little different was the proliferation of congratulatory tweets and emails and facebook messages from both reader and writer friends. This outpouring of support and general loveliness has been wonderful. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s taken the trouble to write and wish me and the book well. Thank you all.

But for the day itself – well, there’s actually hasn’t been that much to do, really, apart from a quiet celebratory lunch with the person I most want to share celebratory lunches with. Later on the in week I will start doing some appearances and publicity, but for now things are out of my hands. As a writer, you get used to exercising complete control you’re your characters’ lives. Consequently it can be a little difficult, having no control at all over your own.

Paperback publication is a funny thing, because, well, it’s still the same book as it was a year ago. But with luck, in a new format and with a new (fabulous) cover, a new audience of readers will discover A GOOD AMERICAN over the weeks and months (and years) ahead.

If you have already read the book, I’d appreciate it hugely if you would take two minutes to write a review on the amazon site, and maybe tell your friends about it.

Thanks to you all for your friendship and support. Keep on reading!

PS: I’m told the paperback would make a *marvelous* Valentine’s Day gift. Just sayin’.

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  1. I just finished reading “A Good American” and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I was born and raised in Fulton, MO and you captured small-town mid-Missouri spot on! I’ll admit for a short time I actually believed there was a Beatrice, MO!

    Please keep writing and I will keep reading.

  2. Mr George,
    I am reading ” A Good American” for the second time. I am struck,as I was the first time I read it how I love this story. I am taken away by your words in a way that I adore.
    Thank you for this lovely book and the joy that you have given me
    Kari Figenskau

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