God Bless You Tube

Here’s a wonderful clip of two of my favorite musicians playing a duet together at a jazz festival in Italy.  Someone once called the clarinet “an ill wind that nobody blows good”, but Anat Cohen disproves that theory.  She came to Columbia, MO a couple of years ago and was just delightful.  As you can see from this clip, she just loves to play.  Her joy at the music is infectious.  Stefano Bollani is one of the most exciting pianists I’ve heard in years.  (His new album, Stone in the Water, is fabulous.)  He comes at all music with an arresting angularity which is bracing – you never quite know where he’s going next.

I always enjoy watching jazz musicians in a duet format.  It’s not just about the notes they play.  The amount of listening that goes on is phenomenal.  Watch Bollani at about the 3.20 mark.  His ears are almost flapping.

Anyway, enjoy.

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