Healthy Eating?

As parents, we try and feed our children as much healthy food as we can.  I spent a long time last night trying to cajole Catherine into eating a delicious bean casserole thing that Christina had lovingly made.  She ate it in the end, but it was an effort.  (Rather like her father, she can detect healthy food at fifty paces and tends to set off in the opposite direction as quickly as she can.)  Anyway, we do OK, thanks largely to Christina’s home cooking.  We like to eat out with our children, but one place we’ve never gone to – at least not when I’m around – is McDonald’s.

Unfortunately it looks as if the George Family boycott is not having the intended effect.  Apparently other people are still eating there.  This is an image that was posted by a friend of mine (thanks, Dave) on Facebook a couple of days ago.  It’s a map of the United States (obviously) showing every McDonald’s restaurant.  As one of the FB commenters remarked, it looks like the whole country is going up in flames.


by Stephen Von Worley

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  1. Have you read Michael Pollan’s excellent books ‘In defence of Food’ and ‘The Omnivores Dilemma’. You would never, ever eat meat that you couldn’t trace in the US in particular ever again.

    We hate McDonald’s too – though fortunately the kids (carefully honed on home cooking) have declared the food served there as disgusting.

    However, one of our friends has benefitted greatly from the Ronald McDonald Foundation which helps buy properties next to hospitals which enable families of chronically sick children to live nearby while they are having treatment. So if they could just sort their food provenence/sourcing out we might just give them a second chance.

  2. We went on a McDonald’s boycott for about 18 months or possibly 2 years. It was actually an any chain restaurant boycott—which made traveling more of an adventure, for sure! Alas, at some point we must have decided they weren’t completely evil and, like you, our boycott wasn’t having a tremendous impact. So we go there… very, very occasionally and with much thought beforehand. It’s not at all the norm like it used to be and that feels pretty good.

    I hope you don’t mind I’m spending my lunch time reading and commenting all over your blog…

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