Interview on “We Do Write”

I was recently contacted by Dorothy Dreyer, who runs the always interesting blog, We Do Write, which has great features about books generally and the publishing process in particular, and lots of interviews with writers.  Dorothy wanted to ask me a few questions for the blog, and of course I was delighted to answer them.  You can read the whole thing here.  There were some unusual questions – I have never been asked which super power I would choose before.  (Cue much late-night pondering.  Flight or invisibility?  Oh, the existential angst that ensued.)  Anyway, it was great fun to do and I’m grateful to Dorothy for the opportunity.


And to save anyone else the trouble of writing in to point out the mistake, I know that my character strangled chickens with her bare hands, not her bear hands.  I tried to pass this mistake off as being allied to the Second Amendment (if you have a right to bear arms, why not to bear hands, too?) but don’t think anyone’s buyin’.

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