Last Train…

Jeepers.  It is Thursday again already?  Time for some more pop/jazz confection, then.

I have written before in these pages about Cassandra Wilson.  I actually met her once, backstage at the Royal Festival Hall, when she performed with Wynton Marsalis.  Clang.  Drop that name, son.

cassandra wilson

Anyway, this is from one of her earlier albums, New Moon Daughter, and I love it.  I can’t help thinking that only someone of Wilson’s deliciously mordant sensibilities could have imbued a Monkees’ tune with so many dark and sinister undertones.  But she does it with some style.  Davie Jones, you little Brit Abroad, eat your heart out.

(By the way, there are no visuals with this, so I don’t know what’s with the big black screen.  No point looking at it.  Ain’t nothin’ gonna happen.)


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  1. Love her!! An early indication of Sam’s hippitude is his love of Cassandra Wilson…
    Feeling better, I hope?


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