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What's with the strange accent?

In this strange world we live in, it seems like a book just ain’t enough any more.

Fellow Amy Einhorn author Eleanor Brown recently wrote a great post about all the extra-curricular activities that writers have to do these days, in addition to, you know, actually writing the book.  One of the things I’m thinking about doing from time to time is to put out little snippets of this mysterious book with no title as podcasts, or at least mp3 files for y’all to listen to.  Here’s the first one – taken from the very start of the book.  This is humbly offered up more in the spirit of scientific enquiry than anything else… I’m curious to see whether it works as it should.  If all goes well, we shall see about some more, although probably not for a while.  Because I should probably finish the damn thing first.  Oh yes, and find a title – of which more in a later post.

It’s always something of a shock to hear one’s voice after it’s been recorded.  I sound quite different to how I think I sound.  I remember once going to see Julian Barnes read and being impressed by what a wonderful, resonant reading voice he had.  Oh well.  It hardly seems fair that he can write like an angel and sound like one too, does it?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  I’d love to hear what you think.


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  1. I will take a listen. BTW, did you just write, y’all?

  2. Post

    Yes sir. I’ve been in Missouri too long. Dang it.

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