Name That Tune

I confess this footage of my daughter stumps me.

I can’t for the life of me remember what on earth she was listening to on the headphones which made her into a human metronome (well, kind of.)  Chances are it was either “Hey Soul Sister” by Train, or, um, “Hampsterdance” by that noted songsmith, Hampton the Hampster.  It’s strange – usually she gives herself away by singing along at the top of her voice.  Such silence – as those of you who have met her will know – is most uncharacteristic.  Even if the odd robotic dancing is not.

Catherine loves her music, at least.  For that we should be grateful.

In other news, we had a bit of a blog apocalypse (blapocalypse?) yesterday which resulted in several comments on earlier posts being lost.  Sorry if yours didn’t survive the unintended purge.  I love my commenters.  Please don’t stop.

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  2. It’s definitely Eternal Triangle off Sonny Side Up. I’ll bet you anything.

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