One More Reason to Love/Visit Get Lost Bookshop…

First of all – full disclosure and all that – Amy Stephenson, the owner of Get Lost Bookshop on 9th Street in Columbia, is a friend of mine.

She would have to be.  Against my advice, she bought my second novel, Before Your Very Eyes, from the UK amazon site.  Then, even more recklessly, she actually read it.

Amy tells me that she loved it – but then, like I say, she’s a friend of mine.

Anyway, she obviously didn’t love it that much because it’s now for sale in the shop (and who says authors are overly sensitive):


If anyone is brave/daft enough to go in and buy it, ask Amy to give me a call and I’ll pop round and sign it for you.  (My office is just around the corner.)

No stampeding, please.

Of course, while you’re in there, you should look at all the other fabulous books Amy has on offer.  She’s created a wonderfully chilled-out atmosphere with an amazingly eclectic selection, jam-packed with unexpected delights.  I tend not to go in too often because I worry I’ll never get out again.  9th Street should have a bookshop on it, and Columbia is lucky that Amy is giving us one of such class and good taste (despite the occasional aberration.)  If you haven’t gone in to visit yet, you should.

(What’s the use of having a blog if you can’t indulge in the occasional shameless plug?)

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