Just my opinion, obviously, but I thought the right-wing jubilation that met Chicago’s failure to bring the Olympics to America in 2016 was pretty disgusting.

The rabid, frothing pundits of Fox News and AM talk radio hate President Obama so much that the failure of anything he’s associated with – like, you know, the whole country – is now something worthy of celebration.  They don’t care if it’s bad news for America, too.  Call it, um, collateral damage.

The GOP has long branded itself “more patriotic” than the Democrats, but it revealed its true colors on Friday.  This gleeful talk of a “slap in the face” for the President is deranged, a dismal example of how unhinged the right has become.  They’ve become so blinded by their loathing of this Administration that any semblance of rational thought has been obliterated by this psychotic partisanship.  I’m starting to wonder exactly how much ill they would wish on this country, if it gave them something to attack the President with.

And so tell me, how patriotic is that?

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