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Must.  Stop.  Buying.  Books.

This is getting ridiculous.  Here, in no particular order, is what is presently on my book shelf, waiting to be read:

  • 1959 – The Year Everything Changed (Fred Kaplan)
  • The Land Where the Blues Began (Alan Lomax)
  • Rhythm-a-ning; Jazz Tradition and Innovation (Gary Giddins)
  • The Great Influenza (John Barry)
  • Fiasco (Thomas Ricks)
  • Cobra II (Michael Gordon)
  • The Freshour Cylinders (Speer Morgan)
  • Inherent Vice (Thomas Pynchon)
  • The Girl Who Played with Fire (Stieg Larsson)
  • The Savage Detectives (Roberto Bolano)
  • A Peculiar Grace (Jeffrey Lent)
  • The Gathering (Anne Enright)
  • The Road Home (Rose Tremain)
  • The Journal of Jules Renard
  • Collected Works (Whitney Balliett)
  • American Musicians (Whitney Balliett)
  • Living With Jazz (Dan Morgenstern)
  • Birdmen, Batmen, and Skyflyers (Michael Abrams)
  • The Civil War (Harry Hansen)
  • So You Want to be a Solider (Shaun Grenan)
  • The Book of Kehls (Christina O’Hagan)
  • Muscular Dystrophy – the facts (Alan Emery)

Looking at this list, I am struck by the fact that there aren’t many novels on it.  When did I become a nonfiction guy?  I should also point out that the last five are for research for possible topics for the next novel.  (Which means, at least, that they’re tax-deductible.  Every cloud, etc.)

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  1. Glad to see Land Where the Blues Began at the top of the pile. Terrific book. One of my son’s favorites too.

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