Rise and Shine

early morning

Here’s a great post from Leo Babauta of the excellent Zen Habits blog about the benefits of getting up early.

I started writing in the mornings because I realized that the only way I could guarantee myself time to write every day was if I started early, before the rest of the world was up.  Evenings were often busy (less so now, but we have children to make up for that) and, anyway, I was usually too tired from a long day’s work to sit down and thrash away at the keyboard.  On those rare occasions when I switched on the computer, I never got much done.

Now, though, when I get up at 5, I’m focused from the night’s sleep, my little brain is yet to be sullied by the frustrations and anxieties of whatever the day may bring.  There is nothing but the work.  (And coffee.)  I know I won’t be disturbed until it’s time to make my wife some tea.  The phone won’t go, and the email stays off (of which more in a later post.)  I won’t pretend that every morning is a glorious whirlwind of creativity, but even when it’s not, my quiet time with my thoughts calms me and gives me focus for the day ahead.

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