Road Trip

I’m off to New York on Tuesday morning for a book-related jaunt.

When I was living in London I was part of a writers’ group.  We all got together once a month to read and critique each other’s work.  I found the process really helpful – after you have been laboring over a book for ages you begin to suffer from wood-for-trees issues.  mywifesaffairOddly, I was the only male in the group, and only one of two English people.  One of my fellow group members, Nancy Woodruff, has had the novel that we worked on all those years ago published last week.  It’s called My Wife’s Affair, and it’s even better than I remembered it.  The book arrived last week from amazon and I read it over the weekend.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I did that.  It’s a clever, sexy and compelling book, although I read it with a creeping dread in my gut – the grown-up, literary equivalent of watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa.  But such is the skill of the writing that I couldn’t tear myself away from it.

Anyway, the launch party for the book is on Tuesday evening, and Nancy was kind enough to invite me along.  Another writers’ group alum, Celeste Cole, has also returned to the States, and she will be there, too.  While I’m in town I’m also going to meet with my US agent, Emma Sweeney, at long last (hello, tax-deductible airline ticket.)  And, by happy coincidence, Dave Holland is beginning a week-long residency at Birdland on Tuesday night, so I may swing by there for the late set when all the festivities are over.

It will be brief, though – Catherine’s fifth birthday is on Wednesday and I will be back in Missouri in time for dinner and a ceremonial trip to Toys R Us.  Total time spent in Manhattan: about 19 hours.  Rather sadly, part of what I’m looking to most is the chance to sit in airport lounges with just my book and my ipod for company.  Spot the travel-jaded parent!

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