Suddenly Homesick…

I have just seen that on October 15 Brad Mehldau will be playing a duo gig with Josh Redman at the Wigmore Hall in London.  The Wigmore Hall is principally a classical music venue, but it will suit these two nicely, I would think.  I remember going there on a school trip in about 1985 to listen to my clarinet teacher play a concert.  That was a fun night – we got to leave school and go up to London for the evening, after all – but what I wouldn’t give to be back in London for this gig.  I’ve seen Mehldau play with his trio on a couple of occasions and it’s never short of stunning.  His live solo work isn’t too shoddy, either.  And Joshua Redman is one of my favorites of the younger generation of saxophonists.  Seems like he can play just about anything with suppleness and grace and oodles of technique to spare.  Should be a great gig.

Oh well.  The schedule for the upcoming 2009/2010 We Always Swing Jazz Series in Columbia, MO, will be published soon, and I’ll be covering all that in detail when it comes out.  (Both Mehldau and Redman have visited Columbia as part of the series, although not togther.)  I already know some of the people who are coming… should be a bumper year.  Watch this space.

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  1. Hi,
    Yes it’s great to have him in London, i’m going to see him on June 4th at the wigmore in a solo concert. Do you know about his new album coming out in March? It’s called ‘Highway Rider’, I have some information about it on my blog, including a behind the scenes video.

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