Technology is a Wonderful Thing

No, really.

I was listening to my new favorite podcast, the Checkout, a jazz show from WBGO in New Jersey, and they had an interview with Spike Wilner, who is manager of Small’s Jazz Club in Greenwich Village (as well as being a great pianist – check out this.)

I’ve been itching to go to Small’s for the longest time – the club was the proverbial hotbed of new talent back in the 90s and some of my favorite musicians came through the ranks there.  Every time we’ve been in NYC we have never managed to make it, for some reason or another.  But no matter, because now I have learned that I can enjoy the music from my little desk here in Missouri.  They do this amazing thing – every show at the club (just about) is streamed live on the internet.  For free.  Tune in from 7.30 p.m. Eastern and check it out.

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