The Oracle Has Spoken…

So, just as I was getting ready to post a blog wondering how long I should wait before I started to pester Bruce the Agent and quizzing him as to how he was getting on with the book, lo and behold he writes. He’s read it.

The good news, dear reader, is that he likes it.
He had one or two excellent points and questions about narrative voice, structure, all that knotty stuff, and I will be thinking about such matters over the weekend.
But he likes it.
There will some tweaking to do, but not, thank heavens, months and months of it. There was always the possibility that he would have asked for a massive re-write or worse. (The last time I sent him something new – admittedly not a completed novel – his email back began, “Dear Alex, I’m sorry, but this won’t do at all.”)
He likes it.
Thank God.

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