The Paris Hours hits the Indie Next List!

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 5.45.48 AMGood news in difficult times, Part 2.

I’m very pleased to announce that THE PARIS HOURS has been chosen for May’s Indie Next List.

Every month independent booksellers from across the country nominate their favorite reads being published that month, and the top selections make it on to the list. You probably all know how I feel about independent booksellers. They are the beating heart of the publishing industry. They’re passionate and incredibly smart, and of course they’re voracious readers, so this recognition means the world to me. I’m thrilled – and I’m especially proud because all three novels that I’ve published in the US have been chosen for this honor. So – thank you, my fellow booksellers. I’m grateful beyond words.

When you nominate books for the list (everyone at Skylark does this all the time) you have to write a small blurb explaining why you love it. Each successful nomination comes with one of these little quotations. Here’s the one for THE PARIS HOURS, written by Betsy Von Kerens of The Bookworm, in Omaha, NE:

Alex George has woven a beautiful tapestry of a historical novel in The Paris Hours through four colorful, intertwining threads. Each of the characters will touch your heart with their stories of love, loss, the ravages of war, and their search for answers and a path to pick up the broken pieces of their lives. Lush with descriptions of 1927 Paris and the appearance of many famous cultural figures of the era, The Paris Hours will transport readers to a time and place they will be reluctant to leave until the last unexpected moment.

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