The Paris Hours paperback has arrived!

Funny how times flies when (a) you’re having fun or (b) you’re mired in a once-in-a-generation pandemic.

Hard though it is to believe, it’s been nearly a year since The Paris Hours was published – which means it’s almost time for the paperback to make its way out into the world and into the hands (we all hope) a new batch of readers. The book comes out on May 4. If you’re so minded, you can order it from Skylark Bookshop here, and I would be happy to sign and personalize your copy for you.

As you’ll see, the good folks at Flatiron Books have changed the cover. I confess I’ll miss that beautiful staircase, but I like this one, too. Plans are in the works for podcasts and a couple of remote bookshop appearances around publication time and I’ll be adding those to my events page when I have the details.

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