THE WEIRD SISTERS is published today!


Regular visitors to this blog will be aware of my admiration for my friend and fellow Amy Einhorn Books author, Eleanor Brown.  My twitter feed has lately been busy telling the world about the various amazing reviews (New York Times, anyone?) that this excellent debut novel has already garnered.  ( I also posted about her classy book trailer here.)  It has been very exciting to watch the praise roll in.  Here’s my own little tribute, which I posted on Goodreads after I’d devoured the ARC that Amy sent me:

“Well, what a breath of fresh air. I just loved this. Eleanor Brown has a unique and compelling voice, which she marshals to brilliant effect in this deeply affecting story about three sisters who have lost their way and retreat to the questionable comforts of their childhood home. She draws all her characters with deft precision and you can’t help but care for them, no matter what faults they may have (and they all have faults.) Warning: this is one of those books which is best read alone. There are nuggets on every page that you’ll want to share with whoever is sitting close to you, but they’d probably prefer just to read it for themselves. And it’s funny as hell, too. Highly recommended.”

Well, after months of anticipation, today is the official publication day of the book.  If there wasn’t nine inches of freshly fallen snow lying outside my front door, I would be off to Barnes & Noble to see the book in all its glory where it should be – in a bloody bookshop.  Eleanor has been chosen as one of B&N’s fresh crop of authors in their Discover Great New Writers program, which is very exciting and thoroughly deserved.  Anyway, it’s a wonderful book, and you could all do worse than clicking here if you’re interested

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