Title Clincher

HUGE THANKS to everyone who responded via Twitter, Facebook, comments, email, and – what was that other thing?  Oh yes, actually talking to me – about my list of possible titles for the new book.  There wasn’t much consensus, interestingly, and the one that I thought would do really well only got a couple of votes.  I suppose I should have included a “None of the Above” option, because that is ultimately what I have plumped for.  It’s a slight variation on one on the list.  Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you: THE SONGS OF OUR FATHERS.

Whaddya think?  I can confirm that at least this is not a title of a Toni Morrison novel.

Anyway, the revised manuscript is now finished, and is with Bruce in London.  We await his verdict on the rewrite.  More news as I get it.

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