Title Talk

Still no closer to a title for the book, although I am thinking about it an awful lot – whenever I have a spare moment, in fact.  Often I forget that not everyone is as fixated about the subject as I am.  This can throw up some interesting discussions, when only one party to the conversation is particpating with the benefit of any context.  By way of example, may I offer up Exhibit A.  Absolutely true story, this.

[Scene: driving home from family dinner out on Friday night.]

Me:  (thinking about the title of my book, singers, songs, etc.) What do you think of minstrel?

Wife:  (looking at me oddly) Pardon?

Me:  What do you think?  Of the word minstrel?  To use in the title.

Wife:  (glancing at children in back of car)  Minstrel?  Really?

Me:  I don’t quite know how it would work yet.  Tell me the first thing that comes into your head when you hear the word.

Wife:  Can’t this wait until later?

Me:  It’s not a trick question.  What’s the first word that comes into your head?

Wife:  (sighing) Cycle.

Me:  (puzzled)  Really?  Cycle?  (Trying to picture a chorus of men onstage) Unicycle or bicycle?

Wife:  I really don’t want to talk about this right now.

[We drive in silence for a while.]

Me:  (trying not to sound hurt) I just thought, you know, that with all the singing, minstrel seemed appropriate.  Like Nanki-Poo in the Mikado.

[Long pause.]

Wife:  I’m sorry.  I thought you said menstrual.

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