Where Was I?

Goodness, turn around for a half a second, and a week or two flies by.

Apologies for the lack of recent posts; things have been busy here.  The fact that I’m in the office on a sunny Saturday should tell you something.  My parents will be arriving in Missouri on Monday for an extended stay, which I am really looking forward to – but that will also cut down on my writing time, as I will be pouring them drinks and feeding them peanuts rather than slaving away over a hot keyboard.  There is also a great deal of other stuff going on in what I believe is referred to as my “personal life”, which is taking up quite a bit of time these days.

Ah, excuses.

Well, two bits of news I wanted to share.

1.  We have sold the rights to A GOOD AMERICAN to Spain, which is very exciting news.  None of my other books were published there, so that is, quite literally, breaking into new territory.  It’s very pleasing to have sold all these foreign rights so far ahead of US publication. Fingers crossed that we manage a few more.

2.  I have seen the cover.  And it is beautiful.  Amy sent it through on Thursday afternoon.  I have been showing it to random people (iPhones are great) and the response has been uniformly rapturous.  (Seems like an appropriate word choice today.)  It really is wonderful.  I am so pleased.  It just oozes class.  There are a couple of small tweaks to be made and then I will share it with the world – hopefully early next week.

If, of course, there is a next week.

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