Whose Countin’?


Two days to go.

Lunch was a homemade (= wife-made) cheese and tomato tart.  Delicious.

The trip to the parents-in-law was successfully negotiated, because we ate out.  I had two grilled portabello mushrooms and some French fries, and a slice of “Texas toast”.  I’m still not quite sure why Texas got the credit for it, but it was good.  I had a wobbly moment when my wife and children all ordered cheeseburgers, but stood firm.

I believe I can do this.

In other news, yesterday I had what may be a wholly new and possibly decent idea for my next book.   Fresh worlds of research are opening out in front of me – I’m tempted to say like a flower’s petals, although I suspect a more exact analogy may be like the skin of an onion.  Much more liable to make me weep.

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