Woke Up This Morning

I’m pretty sure Tony Soprano was no jazz fan, but even he would have enjoyed this version of his theme song, from the debut CD of Taylor Eigsti.  Eigsti is an interesting player, who has been lumbered with the “prodigy” soubriquet for years, but seems to be wearing it well.  As with many first outings, he’s trying to cover a lot of ground on this disk, from this funky little number to “Giant Steps”, and from Bjork to Mussorgsky.  It’s probably the only jazz CD I own where there is a credit for “grooming”, and all of the pretty photos of yer man looking moody on a beach aren’t really to my taste, but the music’s all done with finesse and great chops.  Helps when you can get stellar sidemen like Christian McBride and Lewis Nash to play with you.


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