Worst Movie Trailer Ever?

This may be the funniest and most preposterous movie trailer I’ve seen.  Ever.

What’s so promising about it is that it seems to be taking itself so seriously.  Not a shred of irony that I could detect.

Best line: “Because your child is the only hope humanity has of surviving.”

Watch out, David Mamet.

I may even go and see this, it’s so fantastically bad.

I thought Dennis Quaid used to be a proper actor.  Did I miss the memo?

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  1. Ha! Yes, and that crazy story line was already handled pretty well in “Children of Men,” which somehow managed to make it seem less ridiculous than here. Poor Quaid, and Paul Bettany! Maturin can surely do better…

  2. I knew an old lady like that. She taught history in my high school. We called her “THE BAT”… and damn, now we have to watch out for angels exterminating us. If I was an angel I wouldn’t bother, we’re doing a pretty good job of it without their help.

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