Writer’s Toy

This is my new writer’s toy.  I believe it’s called a “lapdesk”.  It’s a desk that sits on your lap.

Hence, “lapdesk.”

Stop me if I’m going too quickly for you.


Look.  It even has its very own light.  All mod cons, you see.

My wife bought this for me yesterday.  Now, rather than sitting at my desk all day, I can lounge around the house, editing my manuscript with my trusty blue biro wherever I please.  I don’t know that this will cause a sudden surge in productivity, to be honest.  But it’s awfully nice.

Polishing, or some heavier equivalent, continues apace.  I should be finished in a couple of weeks.  Then the big question is: what on earth am I supposed to do with myself once I’ve sent the manuscript back to New York?

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