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More wonderful news on the heels of yesterday’s paperback launch – the good people at BookPage have named A GOOD AMERICAN as the “Top Pick for Book Clubs” for February.  Here’s a link to the piece.

I’m delighted by this, of course.  I love book clubs and reading groups.  The novel has already received great support from book clubs across the country, but now that it is in paperback, I’m hoping there will be many more to come.   (Penguin have actually included a Reading Group Guide in the back of the paperback edition.)  I have visited many local book clubs (in fact I am going to one tonight) and have Skyped in with groups across the US, and as far as Abu Dhabi.  I love these occasions – it’s always wonderful to meet with engaged and passionate readers and talk books.

These events are even better when there’s food involved, and there often is.  In case you missed it from an earlier post, here’s a link to an article in this month’s Costco magazine which talks about book clubs and how much fun it can be to ally appropriately-themed food to the book discussion.  There are also some recipes on this site’s Reading Groups Page for some of the food featured in A GOOD AMERICAN.  And yes, people have cooked these for me when I have turned up to discuss the book.  And yes, the jambalaya is as delicious as it sounds.  There are also some links on the page that will lead you to some of the music in the novel, too.  We’re a full service author website here, ya know.

So… please consider choosing A GOOD AMERICAN for your book club, if you haven’t already.  I’d be delighted to come and visit (if you’re in mid-Missouri) or to join you via the wonders of modern technology… unless you live in New Zealand or Hawaii and are willing to spring for the price of an airline ticket, in which case I would consider appearing in person there, too.  (No sacrifice too great, you see.)

In the meantime, don’t forget that I’ll be at Barnes & Noble tomorrow evening (Thursday February 7) at 7 p.m. with literary twin and Amy Einhorn stablemate Eleanor Brown.  The last thing I heard, Eleanor was on the road in a motel room in Memphis.  Unfortunately for her, it was Memphis, Missouri, not Memphis, Tennessee.  Them’s the breaks.

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  1. I am in the process of reading your book. I am curious as to why you picked that name for your grandfather unless of course that really was true. My Meisenheimer ancestor Johann Jacob migrated to Pennsylvania from Meisenheim, Germany in 1740. As you may or may not know there are now thousands of us all over the USA with many different ways to spell it. I must admit that is one reason I purchased your book and I am enjoying it very much. Thank you. Marty Misenhimer

  2. Alex,
    Just finished your novel. As a life-long reader, this is the first novel that left me wondering more about the author than the characters. The way you weave music, food, love, longing, and loss into one story makes me think you know about all of these subjects intimately. I think that is why this book resonates with authenticity. I’m so glad I happened to happen upon your book.

  3. Please, please please come to our book club next month as we discuss your book. I’ll bring both clubs!

    In other news, I will be visiting Columbia on Friday. Drinks? Dinner? I’m buying! Will bring my offspring, etc.

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