It’s a moment that never fails to thrill… when the nice UPS man leaves a box at your door with the freshly-minted galleys of your new novel in it.

I’ve written before about the various iterations of a book that appear before the final hardcover is produced. This is one the sweetest moments, though – because this is the first time that your book really starts to look like the article that will, one day, be in the hands of readers. Now we have art, blurbs, cover copy… now it is a real thing.

And so I share with you this joyful picture, and say – only FIVE MORE MONTHS to go…


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  1. I just read the galley for Setting Free the Kites, and I am in tears. I was lucky enough to get an egalley from your publisher (I’m a librarian in Maine) and I just had to reach out to thank you for writing one of the most beautiful, most moving coming of age stories I have ever read. You have truly created something magical. Many, many thanks

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    Rose – thank *you* so much for taking the time to write. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the book! Your words mean the world. Whereabouts in Maine are you? I’m hoping to be coming your way when the book is published in February!

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